When you have the best product in town, it’s natural to expect the best results. And yet, that’s often not what happens. Instead, end-users are often stuck with systems that are far too sophisticated for them.

At BIS, we ensure that rolling out of our ERP is followed up by adequate training, support for managing data and integrating with other products. BIS also offers several value additions to the product, so as to cater to evolving needs. Our ERP consultants have rich domain experience and are from diverse industry segments. They can easily visualize the business and work with you to identify opportunities that create real business value.

Implementation Services from BIS includes:

  • Roll-out of ERP solution
  • Change Management
  • End-user process Manual Preparation and Training
  • Data Management / Conversion Support
  • Refresher / recurrent training for users and local support staff to ensure optimal use and best practices operation of the systems
  • Process Improvement initiatives.