Who is Bright Information Systems Company (BIS)?

  • Founded in Qatar 1995 as a Software House and Solution Provider Company.
  • Producing an advanced and Integrated ERP solution that serve governmental, private, trading, industrial and contracting activities via the latest technology built-on ORACLE Database.
  • Expanded their professional products to include:
    1. Hospitality Solutions for all ranges of Hotels (Front Office & Back Office Systems).
    2. Fixed Assets Tracking Systems with RFID Technology (Radio Frequency Identification).
    3. Health Care Solutions for Clinics and Medical Health Centers.
    4. Point of Sales Solutions.
  • Has more than 20 years of an Excellent Experience.
  • Has a commitment policy of Continuous development, improvement and innovative ideas for their products.
  • Has a solid Policy of Quality Control to insure
    top quality products.
  • Has a Professional Team of Developers and Technical Support Engineers working together with the clients to assure a Successful Business and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Ability to manage the Scalable, Integrated and Complex Projects.
  • A golden member of ORACLE International developer’s network.
  • Acting in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt where serving customers in the governmental and Private Sectors.